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Breast Cancer Basics

A cancer type that develops in the breast is called breast cancer, and it occurs when the growth of cells is out of control. These cancerous cells generally form a tumour, which feels like a lump and is visible on the x-ray. Although breast cancer develops almost entirely in females, male patients can have breast cancer too, says the breast cancer doctor in Kolkata.

Breast cancer may start developing anywhere in the breast:

  • It usually starts in the ducts, which bring milk to the nipple (called ductal cancer)
  • Some may occur in the glands, which produce breast milk (called lobular cancers)
  • A few less common breast cancers, which are known as angiosarcoma and phyllodes tumour

Breast Cancer Surgery in Kolkata

According to the best breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, most female patients with breast cancer need some kind of surgical procedure for their treatment. Different types of breast surgery exist, and it is performed for various reasons, depending on the patient’s condition. The surgeon may suggest an operation based on the patient’s medical history and his/her breast cancer screening or diagnosis reports. Dr. Soumen Das offers the following surgical cancer removal options to his patients:

Breast Surgery in Kolkata to Remove the Cancer

  • Breast-conserving surgery (partial mastectomy, lumpectomy): It is a surgery type in
    which only the cancerous part of the breast is removed. How much of the breast would be removed depends on the location and size of the tumour or the lump, and some other factors.
  • Mastectomy: In this type, the whole breast is removed, including the breast tissues
    and the other nearby tissues.

Breast Surgery in Kolkata to Remove the Nearby Lymph Nodes

  • SLNB or Sentinel Lymph-Node Biopsy: It is a surgical procedure where the breast surgeon removes the lymph nodes that are located under the arm. This is the place where the cancer is likely to spread first.
  • ALND or Axillary Lymph-Node Dissection: It is a procedure where the doctor removes multiple underarm lymph nodes (generally less than 20).

Breast Reconstruction

Some women having breast cancer surgery might have the alternative of reconstruction. A woman undergoing a breast mastectomy might want to opt for rebuilding of breast mound to restore her breast’s appearance. In some breast-conserving operations, a woman may choose to have fat grafted into the breast that has been affected to correct the dimples that have occurred after surgery.

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