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Peritoneal Cancer

The cancer that spreads to the peritoneum (the abdominal cavity lining that contains the stomach, liver, and intestines) is called peritoneal cancer. It is regarded as a stage 4 cancer.

What Types of Peritoneal Cancers are Treated using HIPEC

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma peritonei
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Cancers like mesothelioma, primary peritoneal cancer, and desmoplastic small cell tumor


HIPEC stands for Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. This procedure involves dispersal of a solution containing chemotherapeutic agent in the peritoneal / abdominal cavity at high temperatures for about 30-90 minutes. It is a procedure that is performed during surgery, done once at a time. Some patients, however, may require a second HIPEC, if the cancer recurs.

CRS + HIPEC in Kolkata

Cytoreductive surgery involves the removal of a tumour from the peritoneal / abdominal cavity. The purpose of this surgery is to remove any visible tumour.

Is It worth the Risk

Cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC is the only treatment that can cure certain patients with peritoneal cancer and extend the life of others significantly. Therefore, patients with peritoneal cancer should consult a physician if this treatment is their option.

PIPAC Services in Kolkata

PIPAC is the suppressed intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy. It is a new form of chemotherapy for patients with advanced stage cancer where chemotherapy is given directly in the abdominal cavity. Usually, chemotherapy (cancer treatment) is administered intravenously (intravenously) as a drip.

Can PIPAC cure Cancer

PIPAC is currently used to control symptoms and reduce the burden of disease. In some cases, the tumour may disappear altogether or may be severely reduced and removal of the remaining tumour can be performed by your cancer doctor in Kolkata.

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