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What are the different stages of rectal cancer?

Rectal cancer occurs when cancer cells start developing in the rectum. Symptoms of rectal cancer are blood in stool, constipation, and diarrhoea. After the best rectal cancer doctor diagnoses the cancer and determines its stage, treatment is prescribed. Here, we will look at the different stages of rectal cancer. Different stages of rectal cancer The different stages of rectal cancer [...]

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Guide to the different types of breast cancer surgery

According to the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, if you have localised breast cancer, you will most likely be recommended surgery. Below, we will look at the different types of breast cancer surgery. Types of breast cancer surgery The following surgeries are performed for breast cancer treatment. 1. Mastectomy In a mastectomy, the entire breast is removed. It is [...]

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Gallbladder doctor explains gallbladder cancer surgery

Gallbladder cancer is one of the most common types of biliary tract malignancy. In its early stages, it can be treated with surgery, while in the later stages, surgery is done to manage the symptoms of gallbladder cancer. Below, a gallbladder cancer doctor in Kolkata explains the different types of gallbladder cancer surgery. Types of gallbladder cancer surgery ●        Staging [...]

Causes, diagnosis, and treatment for stomach cancer by oncologist

In stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, cancer cells begin to develop in the stomach's inner lining. They grow deep into the stomach walls as cancer advances more. Below, an oncologist discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of stomach cancer. Causes of Stomach Cancer According to a cancer surgeon in Kolkata, stomach cancer occurs when there is a genetic [...]

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Breast cancer doctor explains hormone therapy for breast cancer

Hormone therapy for breast cancer is the type of treatment for cancers that are hormone sensitive. The most common hormone therapy for breast cancer blocks the hormones from attaching to the receptors on the cancer cells or reducing the production of hormones in the body. Below, we will look at how hormone therapy helps in breast cancer treatment. Role of [...]

Stages of breast cancer and treatment explained by best breast cancer doctor

Breast cancer stages help one to understand the progression of cancer. The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata will initially determine the stage of breast cancer that you are suffering from and then provide treatment accordingly. Below, we will discuss these in more detail. Best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata explains the stages of breast cancer Stage 0 According to [...]

Gallbladder cancer diagnosis: By best gallbladder cancer surgeon

Gallbladder cancer occurs due to the abnormal growth of cells in the gallbladder. Some of the symptoms of gallbladder cancer are abdominal pain and bloating, loss of weight, and yellowing of the whites of your eyes and skin. If you notice any of these symptoms, then you can read below to know the diagnosis and treatment for gallbladder cancer by [...]

Diagnosis and treatment for cervical cancer by best cancer doctor

Cervical cancer refers to cancer of the cervix cells. It first begins on the surface of the cervix when the cells of the cervix turn into precancerous cells. As per the best cancer doctor in Kolkata, not all precancerous cells turn into cancer, but it is important to treat these precancerous cells first to prevent cervical cancer. Below we will [...]

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Recovery Tips by a Cancer Surgeon Post-Gallbladder Surgery

After gallbladder surgery, you might feel disoriented or drowsy due to the painkillers and anesthesia. Well, this is normal, and there’s nothing to be worried about. In this blog, you will get some valuable recovery tips from a cancer surgeon in Kolkata that will help you get well soon after gallbladder surgery. Ideas suggested by a cancer surgeon for a [...]

Factors that lead to Metastasis after Breast Cancer Surgery

A breast cancer doctor says that cancer has metastasized when breast cancer spreads to other body parts, such as the lungs. In most of the cases, doctors diagnose metastatic breast cancer only for those people who have already undergone breast cancer surgery. Let's see the factors that may lead to metastasis after breast cancer treatment. Factors affecting the development of [...]

What are the Side Effects Post-Breast Cancer Surgery?

Breast cancer surgery is one of the essential components of breast cancer treatment to remove cancer with surgery. This form of breast cancer treatment can be combined with other forms of treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. However, after surgery, a risk or complication may also be involved. Let’s see some of the risk factors or complications experienced [...]

Does Chemo before Breast Cancer Surgery leads to Metastasis?

Chemotherapy before Breast Cancer Surgery might lead to Metastasis Before undergoing breast cancer surgery in Kolkata to remove their tumour, breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may have malignant cells spread to other areas and can cause incurable metastatic cancer. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer's primary objective is to reduce tumour size so that women can undergo lumpectomies rather than the [...]

Facts about GI Endoscopy According to a Cancer Surgeon

Facts about GI Endoscopy According to a Cancer Surgeon A cancer surgeon in Kolkata can examine the inner lining of the digestive tract using a method known as gastrointestinal endoscopy. An endoscope is a flexible fiber optic tube with a small TV camera at the end is used for this examination. The camera is linked to an eyepiece for direct [...]

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Stages of Stomach Cancer According to Cancer Surgeon

Stages of Stomach Cancer According to a Cancer Surgeon The first step in receiving the right therapy is staging cancer, which enables the doctor to determine whether and how far the disease has progressed. The precise cancer stage supports the oncologist in determining the severity of the malignancy and the most effective course of treatment. According to a cancer surgeon [...]

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Breast Cancer Surgeon Explains the Risk Factors of Recurrent Breast Cancer

According to one of the best breast cancer surgeons in Kolkata, recurrent breast cancer refers to breast cancer that comes back after treatment. Even though the initial therapy aims to eliminate all cancer cells, some may survive through the treatment.  Recurrent breast cancer results from these cancer cells growing undetected. Finding out that you have breast cancer that keeps coming [...]

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