Gallbladder cancer generally remains undiagnosed in its early stages. Hence, it’s essential to know whether or not the cancer has advanced. Read on to know some signs that your gallbladder cancer has advanced from the top gallbladder cancer doctor in Kolkata.

5 signs that your gallbladder cancer has advanced:

  • Yellowing of eyes and skin: One of the warning signs that gallbladder cancer has reached an advanced stage is the onset of jaundice. When the cancerous tumor blocks the bile ducts, it causes the buildup of bilirubin in your bloodstream. This results in the yellowing of the eyes and skin. So, if you notice such symptoms, consult the top doctor of gallbladder cancer treatment in Kolkata.
  • Sudden weight loss: Weight loss without any apparent reason can be indicative of advanced gallbladder cancer. When the cancer progresses, it causes unexplained or sudden weight loss due to its impact on the body’s metabolism. Hence, if you experience a significant loss of weight without making any dietary changes or exercising, reach out to a gallbladder cancer specialist.
  • Abdominal discomfort or pain: When you are in advanced stage, you are likely to experience persistent abdominal pain. The pain can either originate in the upper right side of the abdomen or radiate backward. Therefore, it is of vital importance to seek medical attention if you continually experience abdominal pain without any effective response to over-the-counter pain medications.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite: As gallbladder cancer advances, it can affect the digestive system, causing chronic nausea and appetite loss. These symptoms might arise due to the impact of the tumor on the digestive ability and flow of bile. The best gallbladder cancer doctor in Kolkata can assess these symptoms and determine the extent of the spread of cancer.
  • Abdominal distension and swelling: An advanced stage of gallbladder cancer causes the buildup of fluid in one’s abdomen. This can cause it to swell up and appear distended. Additionally, symptoms that you might experience due to abdominal swelling are difficulty breathing and increased discomfort.
  • Pale stools and dark urine: When bile flow gets obstructed because of advanced gallbladder cancer, it causes changes in the color of stool and urine. For instance, your urine color might turn darker, and your stools become grayish.

If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, consult with the gallbladder cancer doctor in Kolkata. They will assess the signs and determine whether your gallbladder cancer has advanced.