Gall Bladder

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

Gallstone is a common disease among the people of eastern India. Although patients may remain asymptomatic, the disease sometimes presents with abdominal pain and vomiting. Stones inside the gallbladder can go down to the biliary channel and can cause fatal complications like pancreatitis and jaundice.

Treatment of Gallstones
Gallbladder stones are now treated with advanced techniques like laparoscopic/keyhole surgeries. To perform this surgical treatment, Dr. Das makes three to four openings in the abdominal wall and then the surgery is completed using a tool called laparoscope.

The advantages of these surgical methods are:

• Magnified vision
• Less pain
• Less blood loss
• Quick discharge from hospital
• Complications after surgery are rare

Dr. Soumen Das and his team have been performing this surgery successfully since the last 10 years.

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