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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer, an abnormal growth of skin cells, is mostly caused by unwanted DNA damage. This causes changes in the skin cells that cause them to multiply uncontrollably, resulting in malignant tumours. Primarily, skin cancers develop in areas that are exposed to sunlight. It affects all types of individuals, although people with lighter skin have a higher risk of developing skin cancer (because they can easily get sunburn), says the best skin cancer surgeon based in Kolkata. Compared to the combined incidence of breast, lung, prostate and colon cancers, new cases of skin cancer are reported every year.

General Symptoms

Initially, skin cell cancer can be extremely painful. Even minor trauma can cause the bump to bleed. Skin bumps have central ulcers with raised edges. Symptoms of skin cancer include:

  • Red translucent bumps on the skin
  • Raised border around the wound
  • Reddish or pinkish skin patch with crusts or itching that can be painful
  • A stain obtained by a white or yellow waxy area with an incompletely defined border
  • An open wound for weeks
  • Wart-like development on the skin

We always see moles growing on the skin, but they are mostly harmless. Rarely does a mole turn into a skin cancer. According to the best skin cancer doctor, if a mole becomes cancerous it is melanoma.


Most skin cancers are naturally modulated by the immune system or by mutations. Some common risk factors associated with skin cancer are:

  • Exposure to UV light through sun or tanning bed
  • Older people have an increased risk of developing skin cancer
  • Exposure to chemicals such as X-rays or arsenic which are known precursors of cancer
  • Constantly suppressing the immune system

Skin Cancer Treatment Options in Kolkata

Many productive measures are present for the treatment of skin cancer, but the choice of treatment is primarily based on the size and location of the tumour. Treatment options can be broadly divided into medications and procedures. Medication includes a number of topical therapies and medications that are taken by injection or orally. Procedures include surgeries, radiation therapy and laser and light-based treatments.

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