Breast cancer stands as the most widespread form of cancer impacting women globally. Each day, around 25,000 new cases are diagnosed, with these numbers steadily on the rise. Developed countries exhibit lower mortality rates because of better access to advanced healthcare facilities and treatments. The crucial question arises: why this stark contrast? The best cancer doctor in Kolkata has unveiled a critical factor – delayed awareness among women- leading to the detection of cancer when it has already metastasized.

Breast cancer progresses in four stages. During the initial two stages, symptoms may not be very noticeable. Many patients seek cancer treatment when the disease has already reached stage 3 or 4, making treatment more challenging. Doctors express deep concern over the delayed response, wondering why patients wait until the condition becomes critical. Detecting breast cancer early is crucial, as it allows for more effective and less complicated treatment options.

A recent research article in the Natural Cancer Surgery Journal highlights collaborative efforts from leading breast cancer surgeons in Kolkata. Led by Dr Soumen Das, this study aimed to unravel the reasons behind patients seeking treatment at later stages. Esteemed cancer specialists, including Oncologist Radharaman Mandal from Saroj Gupta Cancer Hospital Thakurpukur, Dr Abhimanyu Basu from PG Hospital, and Devendra Sarkar, joined hands in this initiative.

The research found that approximately 70% of cancer patients experience a secondary delay. This delay indicates that they do not commence treatment on the day of their initial doctor visit. The findings shed light on the critical need for raising awareness and promoting early intervention in breast cancer cases.

A dedicated initiative has been launched, particularly targeting women in rural areas, to proactively prevent delays in breast cancer diagnosis. Specialized training courses are provided to doctors to enhance their skills in accurately diagnosing the condition and minimizing any potential delays.

The best breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata recommends women to be mindful about any changes in the shape or texture of the breasts. Any swelling or lumps in or around the breasts must be brought to a doctor’s attention for further evaluation and treatment.