Initial evaluation

A 35-year old lady had a small lump in her breast. Initially, she consulted a gynecologist, who suggested an ultrasonography test. The results revealed fibroadenoma. Since her mother was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, she thought it was best to consult the top breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, Dr. Soumen Das.

Diagnosis and treatment

Due to her strong family history of breast cancer, Dr. Das performed a thorough evaluation of her case. With the help of an MRI and subsequent core biopsy, it was found that she was suffering from breast cancer.

Taking her age into consideration, Dr. Soumen Das advised genetic testing, and it was discovered that she was BRCA-1 gene positive. Following the test results, the doctor and his team did genetic counseling.

Dr. Soumen Das evaluated that she had an 80% risk of developing cancer in her other breast, he decided to remove both the breasts as a preventative measure. So, the lady underwent bilateral removal of the breast (mastectomy). As she was a mother of two, Dr. Das also performed a breast reconstruction surgery which involved a muscle from the back of the chest.

Final results

The patient recovered successfully from the surgery, and based on her biopsy report, she is now undergoing chemotherapy.

On National Cancer Survivors Day, the journey of the brave cancer survivor truly shows us the significance of early screening, especially in patients with strong family histories, and how it can save lives. It also helps us abandon our fears and place our complete faith in oncologists like Dr. Soumen Das, the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, who through their far-sightedness and expertise, helps cancer patients win their battle against the deadly disease.