Bone pain- reasons:

Low back pain is a common symptom among females. Pain knee area, low back region is usually an issue related to orthopedic. But can anybody even think of this pain to be a symptom of breast cancer? Yes, it can be so. A breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata has vastly discussed this pain in the low back region which may be due to breast cancer.

The pain in the bone can not only be a result of breast cancer treatment, it also can act as an indication that one is affected with breast cancer and it’s spreading rapidly in the body.

Recent research has shown that 35% of people who survived breast cancer have shoulder or bone pain post-treatment. This might limit one’s ability to lift the arm and cause one to lose the strength of muscle.

But if one experiences pain in both the shoulder blades and bones, he/she must consult a doctor without delay.

How does the pain feel like?

Usually,a cancer survivor feels bone pain because of the nerve damage caused by radiation therapy or a mastectomy, lumpectomy or, removal of the lymph node.

Neuropathic pain may include burning or shooting sensation. One may suffer from sharp pain while trying to move arms. Swelling or numbness may also occur.

One’s joint or bones may feel deep and dull pain if it relates to the spreading of cancer, according to a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata.

Why bone pain?

A shoulder consists of interconnected bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. The whole structure acts together when one tries to move arms. When breast cancer spreads (metastasis) through blood stream and reaches vertebrae can give rise to severe low back pain.

Cancer therapies may affect scapula and other structures of arms. At times, this treatment changes the size of muscles and ligaments.

Cancer itself may cause bone pain. Especially, when cancer spreads from the breast to elsewhere, bone pain increases. The Cancer Solutions provides the best breast cancer surgery in Kolkata.

Is shoulder pain a symptom? Listen to what a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata has to say about it:

Though the pain in the shoulder is not a common symptom of cancer, if the breast cancer starts to spread to other body parts, which is called “metastasis” in medical term, one may feel a deep pain in the lower back and face difficulty in moving arms or waist.

As breast cancer mostly spreads to bones and liver, deep pain may occur due to the weakness of the bones too. Some network of the nerve is attached near the right shoulder blade, which also can be a source of pain.

When should you go for any medical help?

A breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, advises taking medical help if one feels

  • Bone pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Itchiness, lump in breast
  • Any change in shape and size of breast and nipple
  • Bleeding / discharge through nipple
  • Pain in abdomen

If one already is a sufferer of breast cancer, then he/she should go to a doctor in no time as these symptoms may indicate that cancer has spread in other body parts. Early diagnosis may help one get treated right and live longer.