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Specialist Cancer Surgeon in Kolkata

When it comes to cancer treatment and Surgery, Dr. Soumen Das is a best cancer doctor in Kolkata also a reliable name for best cancer surgeon in Kolkata in throughout the country. As a top surgical oncologist in Kolkata with years of experience in successfully performing thousands of complicated cancer surgeries, he is the pioneer of HIPEC and PIPAC procedures in eastern India.
He has an outstanding academic record. In the year 2006, he received his MBBS from the prestigious Medical College in Kolkata, where he was the University topper in Surgery.

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    Breast cancer Surgeon

    Breast Surgery

    This is a significant health concern and occurs when the growth of cells is out of control…

    cancer Surgeon

    Upper GI Surgery

    The upper GI tract includes the duodenum, oesophagus, and stomach. Upper GI cancer …

    Cancer Surgeon

    HIPEC/PIPAC Services

    The cancer that spreads to the peritoneum (the abdominal cavity lining…

    Cancer Surgeon Oncologist

    Lower GI Surgery

    Lower gastrointestinal cancer generally refers to the cancer the colon and rectum…

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    cancer surgeon in kolkata

    Confused about your treatment options?

    Talk to Dr. Soumen Das, best cancer surgeon in Kolkata to get relevant answers to all your questions and for help in planning your treatment.

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    Why should you consult
    Dr. Soumen Das – cancer surgeon in Kolkata?

    His approach puts the patients at the centre of care. Dr. Soumen Das enriches his patients with the right information.

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    • Care Management Approach/

      All the cases are mapped to the Cancer Specialist, who will chalk out the proper treatment plan. The experienced cancer doctor in Kolkata ensures that you receive relevant info and advice throughout the course of treatment.

    • Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

      Since cancer is a serious health concern, it requires a multi-disciplinary treatment approach for better outcome. Dr. Soumen Das’s approach ensures you get personalised advice from him and his team.

    • Vast Experience, Scientific Publications, Awards

      Dr Soumen Das and his team have performed over three thousand complex cancer surgeries with excellent results. He is the recipient of many awards, has original scientific publications. He is the first person to perform HIPEC and PIPAC surgery in a govt institute in eastern India.

    • Priority Appointment for the Best Treatment

      Dr. Das has a large partner network of hospitals and diagnostic labs, which ensure the most advanced treatment at an affordable price. From HIPEC and PIPAC to Robotic surgeries, Dr. Das offers a gamut of cancer treatment options depending on the patient’s needs.

    • Info on the Most Advanced Treatments Available

      Get information on modern treatment approaches like immunotherapies, organ sparing surgeries, targeted therapies, proton therapy, etc. You will get answers to your queries no matter what your location is.

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    Parthapratim Roy
    Parthapratim Roy
    A great doctor, A great human being. The more I meet him, the more respect I grow for him. God bless you Sir. 🙏🙏🙏
    আমার বাড়ি দক্ষিণ দিনাজপুর জেলায় আমার ওয়াইফের টিউমার দেখা দিয়েছিল। আমি ডাক্তারবাবুর সঙ্গে পরামর্শ করে উনি বলেছিলেন অপারেশন করে নিতে ওনার কথা মত আমি অপারেশন করি ।এক বছর হয়ে গেছে কোন সমস্যা নেই। ড: সৌমেন স্যার আপনার কথা মনে থাকবে আমার।
    Anshika oraon
    Anshika oraon
    The best doctor and the best facilities❤️
    Srijaa Poddar
    Srijaa Poddar
    Very good experience
    Rajan Bhattacharya
    Rajan Bhattacharya
    Best breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata. Highly recommended
    Mousumi Das
    Mousumi Das
    Dr.Soumen Das is very caring and soft spoken. He operated on me for breast tumour around two months ago.I am perfectly fine now.He is a real God sent.All of the team of Dr.Soumen Das was great they were very helpful. Huge respected for you sir🙏🙏.
    Sujit Manna
    Sujit Manna
    It was a great experience with Doctor Soumen Das. He is very humble and giving much time with patients. He is a very good surgeon.
    Harsh Kaura
    Harsh Kaura

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