According to Dr. Soumen Das, a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, breast reconstruction surgery is conducted to rebuild the shape and look of a woman’s breast after breast cancer surgery.

If a woman is considering breast reconstruction surgery, a surgeon is the best person to address their concern.

Reasons Why Women Consider Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Women might choose to have breast reconstruction for the following reasons:

  • To make her chest look balanced in a bra or swimsuit
  • To help make clothes fit better
  • To regain her breast shape permanently
  • To feel better about her body

Important Things Women Should Consider Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Soumen Das, a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, lists some essential things that women should think about –

  • Women have a choice of having breast reconstruction at the same time as their breast cancer surgery.
  • Some women may not want to make decisions about reconstruction while being treated for breast cancer. In such cases, they can wait until after their surgery to decide about reconstruction.
  • All reconstructive surgery does not prove successful and the result might not look the way patients hope, says the breast cancer doctor in Kolkata. Therefore, it is essential to discuss expectations with the plastic surgeon.
  • Cancer surgery and reconstruction surgery may leave scars on the breast, including areas where surgeons might remove tissues to create the new breast mound, such as the tummy, buttocks, thighs or back areas.
  • A rebuilt breast will not feel the same as the natural breast. Sometimes, it may have no sensation at all. The places where a surgeon will remove the tissue to rebuild the breast may also lose some feeling. Over time, the skin might become sensitive. However, it won’t feel the same as before the surgery.
  • There is a risk that some or all breast skin or flaps might die after breast reconstructive surgery due to poor blood flow. The condition is known as necrosis and delays healing. More surgery is often required to fix the problem.
  • Healing after reconstructive surgery might be affected by previous surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Smoking, diabetes, obesity and other factors can also impact recovery.
  • The breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata suggests women who smoke or have other health problems to wait to have reconstruction. It is recommended to quit smoking at least two months before reconstructive surgery. Quitting smoking allows for better recovery. Doctors do not recommend reconstructive surgery to women who are obese, actively smoke or have blood circulation problems.
  • If a woman undergoes radiation therapy, the types of immediate reconstructive surgery she will be able to have might be limited.

If you have any concerns regarding breast reconstruction surgery, consult Dr. Soumen Das. He is an experienced breast cancer doctor in Kolkata.