Treatment for Gallbladder cancer depends on its extent, says Dr. Soumen Das, the best gallbladder cancer Doctor in Kolkata. Doctors generally categorize gallbladder cancers into two groups – Resectable cancers and unresectable cancers.

Resectable cancers

Stage I and II cancers and some stage III cancers that have not spread beyond the gallbladder are resectable. However, surgery is not an option if cancer spreads into major blood vessels.

If cancer invades one area of the liver and is not too deep, it may be possible to remove all of the cancer. Whereas, if cancer invades both sides of the liver and extends to the abdominal cavity lining and organs far away from the gallbladder, surgery will not be a practical option.

Upon gallbladder cancer diagnosis, it is essential to consult the best gallbladder cancer surgeon in Kolkata. Not all surgeons possess the adequate skills needed for extensive operations to treat gallbladder cancer.

Dr. Soumen Das, says that “Whatever stage cancer may be in, it is important to discuss with your surgeon the goal of treatment before it starts, along with the benefits and risks” The goal may be to try to cure cancer or to help relieve symptoms.


Unresectable Cancers

Surgery is not an option in cases where cancer has extended far beyond the gallbladder and deep into other organs like the liver, stomach, pancreas, intestine and major blood vessels. In these cases, the treatment aims to control the cancer, relieve symptoms and allow people to live longer. Treatment like radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be beneficial in these cases, for some people.

If cancer gets large and blocks the bile ducts, the liver fails to drain bile into the intestines, resulting in jaundice. For those who are jaundiced, a stent or catheter may be placed in the bile duct to facilitate bile flow. If the person is healthy enough, surgery can be done to bypass the bile duct. The bile duct blockage is often the first thing addressed before starting treatments such as chemo.


Suppose you experience any symptoms of gallbladder cancer like jaundice or your doctor suspects gallbladder cancer. In that case, it is vital to go through the prescribed tests and consult a gallbladder cancer surgeon as soon as possible.

The early stages of gallbladder cancer can be effectively cured by surgery.

Gallbladder cancer surgery is a sophisticated procedure, which requires the attention of an experienced surgeon.

Visit Dr. Soumen Das, the best gallbladder cancer doctor in Kolkata and get the best surgical treatment for gallbladder cancer.