A cancer patient undergoes many tiresome and painful treatments. It is essential to keep him/her happy, healthy, and positive. Otherwise, the treatment might work late. A cancer patient needs to take proper care of his/her mental and physical health along with the treatment for faster recovery.

Support – both practical and emotional:

Having supportive people during this time is very important, as suggested by an oncologist in Kolkata. They will support you emotionally and make you feel you are not alone in this journey. A study has shown that cancer patients with no supportive people lose hope to live. Thus, the treatment at times does not heal the wound, whereas a patient with supportive surrounding lives longer and courageously fights back against the disease. Cancer patients need an ear that can listen to them as it makes them feel valued.

Stress Management: An oncologist of The Cancer Solution stresses on this point-

Stress may enhance your cancer spread or maybe a barrier in your treatment process. So, it’s essential to remain free-spirited and get rid of stress. Yes, the news of cancer indeed brings a lot of pressure, but it may backfire if you do not control it. Try to do yoga or go for stress management practice. Meditation also does the work and helps you become stress-free, says an oncologist in Kolkata.

Sleep enough:

Cancer demands the rest of your body. So, try to get a sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night. This will help uplift your mood. It also improves physical health, mental health, memory, weight control, and coping ability. Set a fixed bedtime and stick to it on both weekdays and weekends. Keep your bedroom dark for better sleep. The temperature of the room needs to remain cool. Do not watch the TV or surf the internet after lying in bed at night as these exercises affect your sleep. Avoid having any stimulants like sugar, alcohol, or caffeine.

Exercise is a must:

Exercise is vital both during and after the treatment of cancer. This helps reduce fatigue, loss of strength, and weight gain.

  • Discuss with your cancer specialist in Kolkata and develop a suitable fitness routine for you.
  • Aerobic activity gets your heart pumping.
  • Walk, rest, and repeat.

Eating habit:

  • Vegetables should be added to your diet.
  • Eat high-fiber food items.
  • Avoid red meat like beef, lamb, pork, goat, etc.
  • Avoid having processed food items.
  • Include prebiotic and probiotic food items.
  • Don’t eat low-nutrient and high-calorie food items.
  • Try to understand when you are feeling hungry and when you are full. Drink water first when you feel hungry; after that, if you feel hungry, consume food.
  • You can have dark chocolates in place of sweets.
  • Say no to alcohol.