Breast cancer stages help one to understand the progression of cancer. The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata will initially determine the stage of breast cancer that you are suffering from and then provide treatment accordingly. Below, we will discuss these in more detail.

Best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata explains the stages of breast cancer

  1. Stage 0

According to a cancer doctor, stage 0 breast cancer is a non-invasive type of cancer. This means that there are cancer cells present that have not spread to the body’s other areas. If stage 0 breast cancer is diagnosed at the right time, the person can receive early breast cancer treatment in Kolkata. This will help in preventing breast cancer from becoming invasive.

  1. Stage 1

Stage 1 breast cancer can be of two types- Stage 1A and Stage 1B. People who suffer from stage 1A breast cancer have a tumor that measures two centimeters in terms of size. Moreover, it does not spread outside your breast.

Stage 1B cancer is invasive in which the patient may not have a tumor in their breast. However, cancer cells can form in clusters of diameter 0.2 to 2 millimeters. They can also be in the lymph nodes.

Stage 1 breast cancer can be treated by an oncologist with radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, breast cancer surgery, and targeted therapy.

  1. Stage 2

In stage 2 breast cancer, there are no cancerous masses or tumor growth in the breast, but cancerous masses of more than two mms grow in the axillary lymph nodes or in the nodes near the breastbone.

Stage 2B breast cancer is the stage in which a tumor of two to five centimeters diameter grows in the lymph nodes along with a cluster of cancerous cells.

For stage 2 breast cancer treatment, one can get a mastectomy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

  1. Stage 3

Stage 3A breast cancer patients will have a tumor of more than five centimeters. In addition, they will have clusters of breast cancer cells that are between 0.2 to 2 mm in diameter.

Stage 3B breast cancer patients will have a tumor of any size that can spread to the breast skin and the chest. This can result in an ulcer along with swelling.

Stage 3 breast cancer can be treated by a cancer surgeon with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

  1. Stage 4

Stage 4 breast cancer is metastatic and spreads to the nearby as well as distant lymph nodes and also to the other parts of the body.

It can be treated with chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, medications, surgery, along with immunotherapy.

We have mentioned above all the stages and treatments of breast cancer. If you suffer from advanced stages of breast cancer, your doctor may suggest you get breast cancer surgery.