Stages of Stomach Cancer According to a Cancer Surgeon

The first step in receiving the right therapy is staging cancer, which enables the doctor to determine whether and how far the disease has progressed. The precise cancer stage supports the oncologist in determining the severity of the malignancy and the most effective course of treatment. According to a cancer surgeon in Kolkata, there are five stages of stomach cancer, which are mentioned below.

Stomach cancer at stage 1

Stomach cancer at the earliest stage can be observed in the mucosal surface (innermost layer of the stomach).In stage 1, the tumour does not develop into any lymph nodes, other organs, or deeper tissue layers. At this point, cancer is more easily treated where the best cancer surgeon in Kolkata can operate successfully.

Stomach cancer at stage 2

At stage 2 of stomach cancer, the tumour is contained to the outermost layer of the tissue that borders the oesophagus or stomach. A small number of lymph nodes can also be affected by the spread of cancer cells. Stage 2 can be further segregated into two parts:

  • Stage 2A: This is the stage when cancer spreads into the stomach wall’s inner layer. There will be no lymph nodes or other organs where it has spread.


  • Stage 2B: This is also the stage when cancer spreads to the stomach wall’s inner layers, but one or two lymph nodes can be affected, but not every node. Another factor is the spreading of malignancy to the stomach wall’s outer muscle layers. Other organs or lymph nodes will not be affected.

Stomach cancer at stage 3

At this point, cancer can reach advanced stage and deeper into the stomach wall’s muscular layer. Cancer can also migrate to further lymph nodes.

Stomach cancer at stage 4

Cancer cells might penetrate every layer of the oesophagus or stomach at this stage and can spread to neighbouring tissues. At the same time, it might be a smaller tumour that can spread thoroughly to the lymph nodes.

Stomach cancer at stage 5

Cancer can spread to many body parts at stage 5. The cancer is at its most advanced stage at this point, where it can progress past the stomach. This is stomach cancer in its latter stages. At this stage, it becomes difficult even for the best cancer doctor in Kolkata to treat a stomach cancer patient.

These are the five stages of stomach cancer that determines the severity level of the patient. Therefore, it is important to notice the symptoms of stomach cancer as early as possible so that it can be treated at the first or second stage of cancer.