Every year, many women get affected by breast cancer which is the most common type of cancer observed in women. Dr. Soumen Das says that the lifestyle and atmosphere also contribute to the development of breast cancer in young women. So, it is essential to know your breasts properly and get those checked often by the doctors. If any unnatural change is observed, one must consult a doctor without delay. There are many risk factors, and some of them are controllable. This is why young women should be made aware of breast cancer, says the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata.

What to know about your breast?

First, we need to consider the anatomy of the breast. Breasts are made of fatty tissues (in medical terms, those are called adipose). Ligaments, lymph vessels, nodes, connective tissues, and blood vessels are situated within the breast. Female breasts contain lobes that are made of lobules that produce milk. Milk is carried to the nipple by ducts that connect the lobes and lobules. Any change in your breast noticed must not be neglected. You must visit a doctor to know if everything is fine with your breast.

What are the risk factors that seek attention?

There are more than one risk factors that increase the risk of breast cancer. Some can be changed and controlled, and some aren’t. Dr. Soumen Das, the best breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, says it is necessary to control the risk factors such as drinking or smoking as those are in our own hands. Risk factors of breast cancer may include:

  • Certain genetic mutations that are inherited
  • Family history of breast cancer, especially in the case of first-degree relatives such as your mother, sister, or daughter
  • Previous history of radiation therapy on breast
  • Early start of the menstrual cycle (before 12 years)
  • Dense breasts
  • Poor diet and eating too much red meat
  • Obesity
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Usage of oral contraceptive

What changes of breasts need medical observation?

Any unusual change seeks medical observation, says the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata. But consulting a doctor is a must if you find changes like:

  • A type of lump that you can see or feel under your arm or on your breast
  • A sudden change of size and shape of your breast
  • Bulging of skin on the breast
  • Nipple’s change of position or shape
  • Inverted nipple- In this case, the nipple is pushed inward rather than sticking out
  • Swelling, redness
  • Nipple discharge (Not milk but watery, bloody, or yellowish fluid)

Do not hesitate to talk about your breast if you find any unusual change in it. Take the help of a doctor before it’s too late. Early detection of breast cancer has a high chance of getting cured completely. So, please do not ignore your breasts or do not feel shy to get them checked, says the best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata.