A woman who gets surgery to treat breast cancer may also have surgery to reconstruct the shape and appearance of her breast as recommended by Dr. Soumen Das, one of the best cancer doctors in Kolkata. This is referred to as breast reconstruction surgery. If you are considering this, it is essential to consult with your surgeon before having surgery to remove the tumour. This allows medical teams to arrange the best therapy for you, even if you decide to delay reconstructive surgery.

Importance of Breast reconstruction Surgery

  • Restores a woman’s body’s balance and proportion.

After a mastectomy, a woman’s body may lose its proportions and feminine form. Breast reconstruction can restore harmony to her look, allowing her to feel more at ease in different clothes.

  • Restores a woman’s sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Breasts are a crucial element of a woman’s femininity, and their loss may immediately impact her self-confidence and self-esteem. Breast reconstruction restores a woman’s self-confidence after her breast cancer surgery.

  • Offers a variety of options to customize to woman’s unique needs.

Today, there are several options for breast reconstruction, ranging from the time of the operation to the technology used to execute it. With more alternatives, many surgeons may now adapt these operations to each patient’s exact needs and intended outcome. The option of the treatment guarantees that women get the exact results they want.

  • Gives long-term results

Breast reconstruction surgery, whether utilizing synthetic implants or the woman’s tissue, produces natural results that boost a woman’s self-esteem. According to a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata, these operations also give most women long-lasting, even permanent benefits, reducing the need for further surgery.

Many women are concerned about the recovery period following breast reconstruction surgery, which varies greatly depending on the rebuilding method used. Of course, each patient’s recovery is unique, but operations involving breast implants typically have a shorter recovery period, whereas treatments using the patient’s own tissues have a longer recovery time.

Scars from breast reconstruction are common, however they normally fade with time. The scarring has also been decreased due to newer and advanced treatments.

For further information about breast reconstruction surgery, consult with Dr. Soumen Das, a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata.