Chemotherapy before Breast Cancer Surgery might lead to Metastasis

Before undergoing breast cancer surgery in Kolkata to remove their tumour, breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may have malignant cells spread to other areas and can cause incurable metastatic cancer.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer’s primary objective is to reduce tumour size so that women can undergo lumpectomies rather than the more invasive mastectomy. So, when it was first launched roughly 25 years ago, it was exclusively applied to huge tumours. However, before undergoing breast cancer surgery in Kolkata, chemotherapy is used in patients with smaller tumours as well in the hopes that it would increase survival as fewer and fewer women were identified with massive breast tumours.

Chance of Metastasis before Breast Cancer Surgery

Because of the body’s on-ramps, the chance of metastasis is affected by the typical pre-operative chemotherapy for breast cancer. A breast cancer doctor in Kolkata uses paclitaxel, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide as pre-operative chemotherapy.

These on-ramps, also known as “tumour microenvironments of metastasis,” are the locations on blood arteries where specific immune cells assemble. A tumour cell is guided into a blood artery by immune cells if these are connected. As a result, the end outcome might lead to metastasis or the spread of cancer to other organs.

Due to the tumour microenvironment, a typical type of breast cancer (estrogen-receptor positive/HER2 negative) can reach the lymph nodes that will also metastasize. It depends on factors like how many tumour cells, blood vessel cells, and immune cells are touching each other.

According to medical research, scientists have examined tissue from 20 breast cancer patients who had taken pre-op chemo (3 months of paclitaxel and 4 of doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide). Most patients’ tumour micro environments were more conducive for metastasis during treatment compared to the pre-chemotherapy phase.

Experiment to examine the chance of Metastasis before Breast Cancer Surgery

In order to find whether the tumour microenvironment can be altered to prevent metastasis, an experiment has been done by scientists with lab mice. The genetic mutation of such lab mice was examined that can make them develop breast cancer spontaneously along with the human breast tumours.

The tumour microenvironments were altered by paclitaxel in both cases in three ways that made them more favourable for metastasis. The microenvironment had a growth in immune cells that transport cancer cells into blood vessels. At the same time, it has developed blood vessels that were more permeable to cancer cells, and the tumour cells practically bound into those molecular lyfts.

Doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide, two more neoadjuvant, can promote metastasis by modifying the tumour microenvironment. This determines that metastasis may occur through the tumour microenvironment during breast cancer treatment in Kolkata.

From the above discussion, it can be stated that there is a fair amount of chance of developing metastasis before breast cancer surgery in Kolkata.