Breast cancer surgery is one of the essential components of breast cancer treatment to remove cancer with surgery. This form of breast cancer treatment can be combined with other forms of treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy. However, after surgery, a risk or complication may also be involved.

Let’s see some of the risk factors or complications experienced by most breast cancer patients.

Probable Complications after Breast Cancer Surgery

●    Blood Clots

After breast cancer surgery in Kolkata, a patient might experience the development of blood clots in the lungs. Apart from developing blood clots in the lungs, the patient might also experience bleeding in the legs.

●    Bleeding from the wound

A breast cancer patient may experience bleeding on the wound dressing after surgery by a breast cancer surgeon in Kolkata. It is important to check the stitched area around the breast part to see whether blood is coming out or not from the operated part.

●    Fluid collects around the stitched area.

Sometimes, fluid collects near the operated part, which can cause either swelling or pain or even enhance the risk of infection. However, fluid generally goes away within a few weeks on its own. The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata uses a syringe and a needle to drain the fluid if the seroma is painful.

●    Haematoma

Usually, blood collects in the tissues near the wound, which can cause swelling and pain, making that area feel hard. Though haematoma generally goes away within a few months on its own.

●    Nerve Pain

The patient might feel shooting pain or numbness in the armpit, chest, shoulder, or upper arm. This can happen due to the probable damage in the nerve post-breast cancer surgery. Generally, the nerves repair themselves, and it can take a few weeks or even a few months to recover completely.

●    Shoulder stiffness

After breast cancer surgery in Kolkata, a patient’s shoulder becomes painful and stiff, which can be recovered with the help of a few exercises. Those exercises will help to improve the movement of the shoulder.

●    A swollen hand or arm

A breast cancer patient might experience slight swelling in the arm after the surgery. Due to such swelling, the patient might be at the edge of the risk of lymphoedema. It can be caused by lymph fluid that does not drain away. Lymphoedema is one such problem that requires early treatment; otherwise, it might not get cured.

These are a few complications that may be noticed or experienced by a woman after breast cancer surgery in Kolkata. Hence, it is essential to recognize these side effects to get rid of such issues after breast surgery.