About Oral Cancer

When cancer starts to develop in the throat and mouth tissues, it is called oral cancer. Oral cancer falls in the group of head and neck cancers. In most cases, cancer occurs in the squamous cells that are situated in your lips, tongue, or mouth. The main keys to surviving oral cancer are early detection, and accurate treatment says the best doctor famous for oral cancer treatment in Kolkata.

Where does it take place?

Your oral cancer may take place in your

  • Tongue
  • Lips
  • Gums
  • The floor of your mouth
  • The inner lining of your cheeks
  • Soft and hard palate

Symptoms of oral cancer

The symptoms of oral cancer may be similar to other less serious issues. So, if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned below, do not ignore them and consult a doctor as soon as possible. The symptoms of oral cancer are as follows:

  • Unusual growth anywhere within your mouth
  • A sore either on your lips or mouth that persists for long
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Bleeding from mouth
  • A small lump on your neck
  • Difficulty while swallowing something
  • Numbness that may capture your face, neck, lower lip, or chin
  • Soar in the throat
  • Patches in the mouth (red or white)
  • Unintentional and unexplained weight loss
  • Earache that does not go away
  • Stiffness of jaw or pain
  • Pain in your tongue

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Treatment options for oral cancer

The treatment options of oral cancer depend on the type, stage, and location of your cancer.

  • Surgery: If the oral cancer is diagnosed in an early stage, the treatment involves surgery that removes the cancerous lymph nodes and tumor.The best oral cancer surgeon in Kolkata will ensure best quality surgery with excellent cosmetic outcome.
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment involves cancer-killing drugs.
  • Radiation therapy: In this treatment, the oncologist aims radiation beams at the cancerous tumor once or twice a day. This process takes place for 2 to 8 weeks. When your cancer reaches the advanced stage, the doctor, in most cases, advises a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy is a form of treatment that can be effectively used both for early and advanced cancer stages. This therapy uses drugs that interrupt the growth of cancerous cells.


The recovery from oral cancer varies from treatment to treatment. The treatments may have some short-term side effects, but those go away with time. In some cases, patients may need reconstruction and rehabilitation after the completion of their oral cancer treatment in Kolkata.


Oral cancer has a high survival rate nowadays. So, if you face any issue related to your oral health, consult a doctor. For any assistance related to oral cancer, make an appointment with Dr. Soumen Das and get the best treatment.